30 years of experience as a locksmith in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s fastest locksmith offers you the fastest key service. Doors open without forcing, so no unnecessary damage for opening your door. Immediately place a new lock after opening your door is of course no problem.

Professional Service

Lorenzo’s Slotenservice has been in operation since 1986. He has helped secure 31,000+ satisfied customers and has 31+ years experience as a master locksmith in Amsterdam and surrounding areas. Lorenzo offers an all-inclusive professional on the spot residential and commercial locksmith service that provides damage-free opening of your doors, SKG quality lock replacements, installations and repairs at fair competitive rates.

  • Lorenzo can be on site within 30 minutes
  • Damage-free opening of your doors.
  • More than 31+ years of experience as a certified locksmith.
  • Available 24 hours a day.
  • More than 31,000 satisfied customers.
  • 16 years online.
  • Burglary protection and Safe Living Police ® certificates
  • Servicing than 17 areas in and around Amsterdam
  • SKG quality mark locks.
  • Assembly and travel costs on request.

Price Rates

Daily rate

Daily rate starts from € 75.00 EUR and applies between 8am and 8pm.

Nightly rate

Nightly rate start from € 95.00 EUR and applies between 8pm and 8am.

Lock Replacement

Are you looking for security locks, cylinders or complete locking systems for your home or business? Open all locks of your house with 1 key? Lorenzo locksmith is happy to visit you for a free quote.

Burglary protection

Lorenzo locksmith advises you on burglary prevention according to the Political Hallmark Safe Living ®. Lorenzo locksmith advises you on the best way to protect your home. Lorenzo locksmith offers practical solutions and gives advice. Lorenzo locksmith only installs locks that meet the SKG quality mark.

Door Open

Have you locked yourself out and do you urgently need a locksmith? Lorenzo’s Locksmith service offers you the possibility to open your doors and locks professionally and without damage 24 hours a day in the Amsterdam region. Lorenzo also always has various SKG slots with him.


Lorenzo’s locksmith service regularly helps bailiff and other governing bodies in gaining access to homes. Lorenzo also works together with various law enforcement agencies and more than 10 different bailiffs organizations in and around Amsterdam. Provided you have the correct information and authorization to access a building Lorenzo can be with you within 30 minutes.


Lorenzo’s Locksmith service advises on burglary prevention in accordance to the Police Hallmark Safe Living (Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen ®). Lorenzo locksmith service offers practical solutions and gives advice on how to protect and ensure your home security.


Lorenzo locksmith service is also provided to companies and businesses private comapnies day and night. Professional, without damage and perfectly finished work providing this service at attractive rates.

He also collaborates with agencies such as the fire department and police. Is there a burglary or an attempt to do this where the lock is damaged? Then the police call in Lorenzo’s locksmith service in Amsterdam to repair the lock so that further damage or a second burglary attempt can be prevented. It is not for nothing that these official bodies work together with this Locksmith in Amsterdam. More than 30 years of experience makes Lorenzo a household and trusted name in Amsterdam and the surrounding area.


Do you immediately need a locksmith in Amsterdam? Then call the 24-hour on-call number for Lorenzo’s locksmith service. Over 31+ years of experience, Lorenzo is available day and night for regular and urgent assignments. He can be on site within half an hour to repair the damage after a burglary, when you have locked yourself out or for new lock installation.


Lorenzo’s locksmith service works with the official government agencies. In the event of damage due to burglaries, the Amsterdam police and fire brigade work together with Lorenzo’s Slotenservice to repair locks and to prevent second attempts being made. In collaboration with Lorenzo’s locksmith service, they ensure that Amsterdam homes and businesses are safer.

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