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Amsterdam North

30 minutes on site slotenmaker services

Lost keys? Key broken or excluded yourself? Very annoying of course! But it is always better to spend more time on the solution than to dwell on the inconvenience of the situation. The bottom line is: you want to get back in quickly and preferably without damaging your door. Call on us and we will quickly open your door without damage again and at an attractive rate.

Specialized locksmith Amsterdam Noord

If you are looking for a specialized locksmith in Amsterdam Noord and surroundings, you can now stop searching. Lorenzo’s Slotenservice ensures that you can quickly return to your home or business premises. The benefits of our service? In addition to extensive experience and a large dose of knowledge, you can rely on super-fast service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call us, we can be on location within half an hour. We also install only the best quality locks, so that you are assured that your building is well protected.

Quality products

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, it is also good to know that we work with the best products available on the market. If you have your locks replaced, you naturally expect the highest quality. And that is why we only use products that have been approved by an independent party and that have various quality marks. So you can be sure that you will be able to keep burglars away.

Replace locks in Amsterdam Noord?

Has your house been broken into and is the lock of your house due for replacement? Have your locks replaced in Amsterdam Noord by us: Lorenzo’s Slotenservice.

Professional locks replaced in Amsterdam Noord

When you have locks replaced, you naturally want to be sure that the new locks protect your house well and that they are well placed. Then you will come to us. We can replace locks in Amsterdam Noord in a professional manner and also ensure that it happens quickly. The most ideal thing is that we visit you to view the condition of your locks and to assess the best solution for the safety of your property. Because we have extensive experience with replacing locks, you can be confident that we will work professionally.

Have locks replaced quickly

We think it is important that you feel safe quickly, especially when something has just been broken into. But even if you have accidentally shut yourself out, we will come to your aid quickly. Call us and we are guaranteed on site within 30 minutes. And if we replace your locks in Amsterdam Noord , we naturally do so on the basis of the highest quality. The locks that we use are provided with a quality mark that guarantees effectiveness. In addition, our locksmiths are well aware of the latest trends. Also rely on extensive knowledge gained in the 30 years that we have been working in this field.

Where we work

Lorenzo’s locksmith Amsterdam Noord is active in the entire Amsterdam region and surroundings. For example, do you live in Amstelveen, Amsterdam Nord or one of the other places in the region? Call us on 06-41280390 or fill in the contact form and we will visit you to discuss the options.

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