Damaged or broken Key in Amsterdam?

Has your key broke or snapped off in the door lock?

Fortunately, turning the cylinder in your lock often goes smoothly. However, there may be occasions when your key breaks in the cylinder, mortise lock, or rim lock, rendering the lock unopenable. This can happen if the cylinder is heavily worn, or if the key wasn’t fully inserted into the lock, among other reasons.

In this case, the locksmith in Amsterdam can assist you in removing the broken piece of key from your home’s door lock. Never attempt to remove a broken key piece yourself with tweezers, screwdrivers, or similar items. Locks are highly complex systems, increasing the risk of damaging the lock. In the worst-case scenario, a damaged lock may need to be completely replaced. Naturally, you’ll want to avoid this as much as possible!

1. Avoid trying to remove the key yourself from the door.
2. Do not use glue or other objects in the lock.
3. Call Lorenzo, the experienced locksmith of Amsterdam.
4. Lorenzo will arrive on-site within 30 minutes.
5. He will safely remove the broken key part.
6. Lorenzo repairs your lock without damaging the door.

Emergency Help: (06) 412 803 90
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Call Lorenzo now for immeadiate help and within 30 minutes he will be on-location.

Call-out Costs

Lorenzo’s Lock Service operates 7 days a week with the below fixed call-out rates.

Why Lorenzo's Locksmith Service?

Lorenzo’s is your reliable emergency locksmith in the Amsterdam area. Trusted partner of police, companies and private individuals in and around Amsterdam since 1986.

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