Core Pull Protection Amsterdam

Locksmith in Amsterdam for Core Pull installation or replacement

Effectively protect your home against burglary with core pull protection, as 90% of all break-ins involve core pulling. This quick and silent method is deterred by applying this security measure to your exterior door. Even new construction homes require core pull protection under the Police Safety Mark for Secure Living. If all your exterior doors have this security measure, many insurance companies even offer lower premiums. A cylinder with core pull protection guards against various burglary methods, such as core pulling and lock picking. Consider security fittings with core pull protection for your existing cylinder as a cost-effective solution.

Installation Costs

Core Pull Protection, installation, repair or replacement is offered at both fair and competitive rates by Lorenzo’s Slotenservice. The standard day-time call-out cost applies and this service is available for residential and commercial clients in Amsterdam. Please contact Lorenzo to arrange a quote or discuss further. You can reach out by phone, email, or via the contact form provided.

Day Rate
08:00 – 17:00
€ 85.00 EUR
Includes VAT and call-out cost checkmark icon
The costs for the Core Pull Protection installation or replacement service and call-out prices are excluding the costs for the Core Pull Protection products. The costs of the products will be charged separately. Lorenzo supplies SKG 3-star Anti Core Pulling Hardware and are available on location.

Installation Enquiry

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